good remuneration is said to make a business more attractive to proficient and
skilled employees thereby making the company a choice destination for potential
employee amongst other competing company

vWhat professional development opportunities you can take
advantage of?

you’re interested in professional development, it is ways worth asking if your
company would be willing to offer a stipend or reimbursement for training,
certification, membership dues, or industry conferences.

vAssistance with your commuting costs

coming from a long distance, there are plenty of benefits you should consider
asking for. For instance, you could request that they provide you with an
automobile to use. If that won’t be possible, maybe they could add your car to
the company insurance policy, cover part of your transport expenses, or share
the cost of a leased vehicle.”

vYour hours

a flexible work schedule can be invaluable, depending on your situation. But
before such demand is put fought always ensure that you are committed and
understand your most productive hours and have familiarize yourself with your
job learn to build relationships and learn the business inside and out. Then,
you can mention the need to work at a slightly different hour.

vHealth and wellness

healthy workforce is of great benefit to any organization you can always try to
negotiate for relevant health benefits and a very conducive working environment

vWhether they’ll write severance package guidelines into your

thing to consider is asking for is a severance package written into your
contract. This package would activate should the company be acquired or should
you be laid off due to no fault of your own, and it can help you ensure that
you’re prepared in case things go awry.”

vStock options or any other long-term incentives

can always ask about stock options or other long-term incentives if you’re at
the management level. Many companies reserve some of these benefits for certain
levels, but it never hurts to ask if it hasn’t come up