vBe Prompt

first point is about politeness really. Ensure not to sit on a decision for days, or hold off deciding on one company
over another because you're nervous about saying no to one of them.

a HR expert, it's far better to receive fast rejection than it is to wait for a
fortnight and only then know that you've got to go back to other candidates
(some of whom may have by that stage accepted other jobs elsewhere. That will
earn you a black mark for sure.

vAlways Appreciate Their Offer

sincere in letting the manager or recruitment team know that you are thankful
to them for spending a considerable amount of time reading your CV,
shortlisting you and interviewing you. But don’t overdo it. It is most ideal,
to pick something specific to thank
them for, so your comment doesn't come across as overly generic.

vExplain your reason(s) for declining the offer.

Be brief and
ensure that your reasons are convincing and that your decision comes from
careful consideration. This is where many candidates go wrong, as they state
why another job they were offered was far better.
Do not do this.

Instead, talk
about aspects of the company you like, and how you enjoyed meeting the manager
or recruiter, but that on this occasion you have decided to accept another
offer that more closely matches your aspirations.

vAllow space for future opportunity

to be positive throughout. Many industries are a small world, so you
don’t want to burn any bridges by being negative. Bring the letter or call to a
close by thanking them for their time and wishing the company future success.
It is possible your paths may likely to cross at a future so give space for
future opportunity

vEnsure to use
the best channel of communication

Generally speaking, you have three
realistic options for declining a job offer: in-person, by
, or by email

If the employer contacted you via email,
then you should send your message via email as well. If the employer has
contacted you by phone, then you should pick up the phone to deliver your
message. Don’t send a fax or letter via snail mail unless you have been
contacted by the employer using these methods.

vEnsure to
decline job offers professionally

the job or company isn’t right for you, it’s important to know how to decline a
job offer and keep your professional reputation intact. This is one by
maintaining a timely and polite approach so as to be able to walk away from the
offer without any damage to your reputation.