Test Your Technology

skills are considered one of the
top competencies
employers look for in new hires, and hiring managers are able to gauge your
abilities easily during a virtual interview.

to avoid potential technical glitches by testing your equipment before the
call. If your video conferencing software produces grainy visuals or muffled
audio, it might be time to invest in an external webcam or microphone. You
should also secure your internet connection. Nothing stifles conversation quite
like a call dropped mid-persuasion point.

Keep Your Virtual Identity Professional

thing simple is key in today’s digital world, your email address or username is
often your first impression. Don’t give the hiring manager a reason to question
your professionalism before they even meet you so therefore learn to be simple
as possible with your email and usernames.

3. Dress for Success

professionalism goes beyond your email address and username dressing also play
an important role. Dress in a manner that would not divert the attention of
your employer from your professional competence to been focus on your dress
patterns and ensure to use colors that would not be reactive to harsh light.

Create a Set

This goes to prove how organized
you are so
ensuring that the space is clean
before embarking on a video call check out for lightings and if possible, sit
in front of a blank background, so that you remain the focal point. Please that
the color of your backdrop can also help determine what to wear for a virtual

Monitor Your Body Language

you would be judge base on what you they see and what is said so ensure that
your words are clear and understandable convey confidence through your body
language. Sit up straight, smile, and keep the camera at eye level to avoid
looking up or down. Research shows that
are more likely to remember what you said if you maintain eye contact
, so be sure to keep your eyes focused on the camera—not the
screen image of the hiring manager—as you converse.

6. Rid Yourself of Distractions

interviews come with a slew of distractions you wouldn’t normally have to deal
with when you travel into an employer’s office. Be sure to do what you can to
eliminate these potential interruptions on your end prior to beginning the
video call.

off the TV, silence your cell phone, and close the window to muffle any
external sound.