vCommunicate Effectively

John J. Meyer noted that “Communication
– the human connection – is the key to personal and career success.” Every
effective manager most understand this and so communicate in person,
print, texts, and email. Listening and two-way
should characterize interactions
with others he must be open to feedback and not responses defensively but
understand and act upon the power of interaction that encourages employees to
see their connection to the overall company's strategic goals and plan.

vBuild a Team

The saying
“Teamwork makes the dream work.”  Cannot
be overemphasized because team building is an effective tool that translate the
vision of any organization into reality
team enables other staff to
collaborate more effectively with each other. When people feel as if they have
become more effective, more creative, more productive—
the presence of a team builder

they would be willing to sit down and solve problems that may be encountered as
a team and also meet up company’s target together

vLead by Example

by example and
the pace through your expectations

and behavior. Provide recognition when others do the same. Employees know that
you are the real deal because you say and do the same thing.
walk your talk
and so the employees trust you and
would in turn replicate such to the benefit of the company.

vUnderstand the Financial Aspects of the Business

managers understand the financial aspects of the business and set goals and
measures and documents staff progress and success. This allows the team to feel
a sense of progress and purpose, that they are reaching goals and exceeding
expectations. People want to know
they are performing against expectations

at work.

and other goals let them know. Painting a picture that employees can agree on
is effective for noting progress when numerical goals don't exist. Good
managers understand and play an appropriate role in creating this picture,
feedback, and communication.

vCreate a Positive Environment

an environment in which people experience
morale and recognition
employees are motivated to
hard for the success of the business
Understands that the manager is one of the most significant factors in whether
are happy at work
. Your interaction with employees
sets the tone for the workplace every day. Make sure that you interact with
each employee you manage regularly—if not daily.

vBuild Effective and Responsive Interpersonal Relationships

ability to demonstrate care, collaboration,
trust, and attentiveness
as a
manager start with  you
colleagues with dignity and respect
to keep their word, to
integrity, and display dependability

and character under even the most challenging occurrences and challenges.
Demonstrate that you care about the employees who report to you.